Monday, April 04, 2005


Finished...two scarves made out of mohair and angora. Good thing I finished them because it's fricking freezing Hawaii! Riiiiiiiiight. I'm a space-case for knitting and crocheting scarves (scarves! why would anyone need a scarf here?!) out of some of the most unfavorable-to-Hawaii-weather yarn. Mostly I like the fact that if you mess up, can't really tell through all the fuzz. Sweeeeet.

The blue scarf is my first non-stockinette item (besides ribbing). I modified the Opera Scarf pattern--I think I must be the tightest knitter because I added extra stitches and used size 13 needles to get what looks like the same width. I used 2 balls of GGH Soft Kid in I can't tell what color--blue gray? It's abot 72 inches long, I think I'm going to add fringe to hide the ugly ends. Blocking might help but eh, perfectionist I am not...lazy I am. I'll block when I make a sweater.

Hanging on the towel hooks.

Folded on a pillow.

Closeup shot.

This yellow/cream angora scarf is from a Thanksgiving issue of Martha Stewart, probably about four or five years back. This has got to be the most expensive starter scarf ever--angora is not cheap my friends! I don't know how many balls I used and then I added the cream edging because the granny squares by themselves looked so flimsy. Not at all like the gorgeous one the girl in mag had on. I wonder if blocking would have helped. Oh well!

The color difference in real life isn't as striking, it's more like the picture below.

Look, the edge is waving at you!

Note to self: must resist fuzzy animal yarns (it's so hard!), the fiber flies all over the place and makes self sneeze :(


Anonymous Amanda said...

Susanne, your scarfs are beautiful! I love fuzzy yarns too. The stitch pattern on your blue gray one is lovely and seems really well suited to the yarn you used. I just downloaded the Opera Scarf pattern, and I have to say that yours looks much nicer. The yarn they used is not as interesting.

Stay warm!

4/05/2005 05:22:00 AM  

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