Tuesday, April 05, 2005


I bought the new issue of Bust this past weekend because of two articles: "Don't quit your day job" (balancing work and craftiness, or how to keep creativity alive while working for the man) and "Return to Sweet Valley High" (an interview with its creator).

I was never really into "SVH" but I did have/read a lot of Sweet Valley Twins (and even Kids, odd how I went backward, not forward). Good times. Secret--she didn't write the books (except for the first one or something like that), she provided the plots and characters and writers did the rest. Hehe, didn't realize that but duh, how could someone write that many books?

Aside: There was a board game (I didn't have it) but I'm thinking it was a dream date rip off. I could be wrong though.

In semi-crafty news I saw these little stuffies in the Dec/Jan issue of Bust--so cute and ohhhhh, I have stipey socks. How conveeeenient. I tried to make one out of my old socks but I couldn't figure out the instructions so I never attempted with the pretty socks. Bah, another backburner craft project.


Blogger tania said...

i used to read the twins ones too! never the high ones... don't know why...
ooh i want to try the stripey guys...so cute cute.

4/06/2005 10:12:00 AM  

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