Monday, May 02, 2005


Habuteru, I know it and use it to mean "pout" or "to pout" in Japanese. This Nara piece cracks me up--I imagine I used to look like this when I didn't get my way when I was little. Some would say I still make this face...

Ever since Myra mentioned the Yoshimoto Nara exhibit I've been wanting to check it out. So on Saturday my sister and I headed on over to the Contemporary Museum to see the exhibit--WOW! Hehe, I'm ashamed to say that it's one of the few exhibits I've really really enjoyed there (the museum has some exhibits at a bank downtown and currently there's a fiber exhibit I'm really digging too).

Some of the Nara pieces are on huge plates (dinner plates but over three feet in diameter)--I wish they had a set of smaller dishes in the gift store, I would've bought them but no dice. I ended up buying postcards (these pictures are just two of the 30 postcards in the pack) and some pins. The major score was the free brochure that doubles as a poster--Myra has a great picture of it. My sister and I took a whole bunch of brochures--a Nara shrine might be erected on someone's office wall (and since I live in cubicalville, it isn't me).

This piece is one of my favorites--the name of the piece at the museum is different from the one on the back of the postcard. The postcard is named "missing in action" the piece in the museum is named "knife behind back". I like the second name better :) Since I could not justify buying an expensive t-shirt at the gift shop I'm wondering if I could maybe embroider/applique this one on a tank or something....pipe dreams eh? Especially considering my embroidery skills (and non-existent applique skills)....

Check it--two samplers...the only stitches I can do are the ones below and the French knot technique (stitch I used for the bubble pillow cases). Hmmm...I think it would take me FOREVER to get an even slightly decent embroidered image of "knife behind back"....sigh.

I'm hoping to visit the exhibit one more time before it leaves...maybe I'll get the t-shirt and ditch the embroidery/applique idea.


Anonymous myra said...

I loved the habuteru girl! And I totally wanted to snake a ton of the brochure/posters too! Did you see the pup-cup in the gift shop? I was so close to buying it.

Get the shirt, and do the embroidery too!

5/03/2005 09:05:00 AM  

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