Monday, May 23, 2005

Today's theme is....round

Mail goodies from Niecy! Sparkly beads and a mirror compact that reminded her of me! Makes me laff, she knows me so well :) I'm still figuring out how I should use the beads but I have a couple of ideas. Thank you, thank you Niecy!!!!

So last week I found directions at Martha Stewart on how to crochet a ball and I was intrigued, especially after seeing all the super awesome softies (scroll down) that Camilla makes. Thought a ball would be an easy-ish project to ease my way into 3-d crocheting goodness.

Behold! Crocheted boobolas! Maybe not boobolas, but boobola holders, and not very symmetric ones at that. Oh well.

As you can see below I didn't stuff the ball's quite lumpy and not very ball like. Hehe, I can actually mush it into something resembling a suppository. I guess if I had blocked it it might have had a better chance of looking like a ball...although how do you block something like this? And it's huge (in keeping with the suppository theme)! Okay, not HUGE (not even that big--about the size of a cantaloupe) but a lot bigger than I expected--I was thinking softball size or something.

I have some left over yarn so I'd like to try making a smaller ball...maybe I could make a lime or something.


Anonymous myra said...

Cool beads and hotpotatoe (habuteru) compact!!

I've been trying my hand at the crocheting thing too. Yours looks so much better! I'm going to have to see if Martha's method is easier than what I've been doing.

5/24/2005 03:40:00 PM  
Anonymous Hanna said...

It looks like a ball for juggling, can't make the size out on the photo. ;-)

Maybe you should try juggling balls next time?

5/28/2005 10:05:00 AM  

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