Sunday, August 14, 2005

5 Things Meme:

5 albums on your iPod--don't have one of these new fangled devices (I don't even have my own computer, how's that?! hehe!) so I'll just put what's playing in my head:
  1. Love.Music.Angel.Baby (Cool)--Gwen Stefani
  2. American Idiot (Wake me up when September ends)--Green Day
  3. These words--Natasha Bedingfield
  4. Can't think of any other songs/albums right now...if anyone's noticed these are the videos playing on VH1 in the morning before we go to work.
5 movies you've seen recently (taken off our Netflix queue):
  1. A Very Long Engagement--I liked it, it was like a bloody Amelie but I didn't catch everything, I'll have to read the book or something.
  2. Million Dollar Baby--I didn't want to see this movie but what I saw of it was okay (I had already read about the ending so I skipped that part).
  3. Miss Congeniality 2--eh.
  4. Dear Frankie--not bad, I really liked the kid in this movie.
  5. Bride and Prejudice--my first Bollywood film, I have to say I skipped over a lot of the singing.
5 nice things that happened to you lately:
  1. My guy making making me a thermos of tea for work (I'm cheating, he does it everyday)
  2. My guy buying me Andy Capp hot fries--woo hoo! Regional junk food that has finally made its way to our lil' island (even though I had some in Maui, how'd they get it before us?!).
  3. Receiving yummy biscotti and sweet card in the mail from DP--chocolate and nuts, I'm super digging it!
  4. A sweet friend was willing to starve a little so that we could keep our lunch date.
  5. All the wonderful compliments on the ring!
5 MP3s on your playlist--none so I'm going with magazines:
  1. Martha Stewart
  2. Food
  3. ReadyMade
  4. Real Simple
  5. Celebrity gossip (my lil' guilty pleasure, I'm cheating, it's more a whole bunch of trashy mags but I mainly like makeover/before/after article/pictures)
A coworker asked me what my interests are...I'm still trying to figure that out. Doesn't seem to be movies or music from what I listed. I think I spend too much time watching tv, and not even good stuff--infomercials! They're hypnotic...especially that stupid alumaloy infomercial.


Anonymous myra said...

We just watched "A very long engagement" last night. The book was good too, but I had a hard time keeping track of all the characters.

Informercials rock! But I really miss the "do you have the guts?" guy.

8/15/2005 08:53:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

loving the shout-outs suzy! miss you, d

8/18/2005 02:04:00 AM  

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