Thursday, August 11, 2005

Tagged, I'm it!

Myra tagged me with 5 Things Meme--sweet! But now I have to reveal to the world how unhep I am. Hehe, like it's a secret...but yeah, I'm going to have to tweek the list a bit since I have no iPod and have no MP3 playlist (well, I have no updated playlist, my list is at least three years old--I haven't added to it since).

A pal today mentioned that she was waffling between getting hot dog on a stick or a won ton soup for lunch. Why the indecision?! Hot dog on a stick man! Always. I wonder if I can persuade the boy to take me to the mall to get some for dinner tomorrow night. And while we're there we can check out the pets while we're at the mall. Yay!

Whoa, I just read the Hot dog on a Stick website and they cater! Hello deep fried wedding reception! Would go well with the cotton candy machine the boy wants at the reception.


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