Monday, October 31, 2005

The winning pumpkin

Cool! We carved a pumpkin for the boy's office pumpkin carving contest and won! I didn't think we actually had a chance since we used a shhhhh....stencil. But apparently there were others who carved the pumpkin at work using stencils and...power tools! Cheaters. We can smell our own. Although we just used the stencils--we didn't have the power tools. Just those crappy little safety saws that come with the carving kit, the saw version of those kiddie safety scissors. But they did their job so I shouldn't rag on them. The boy thinks it won because of the gimmicky white pumpkin and super cool color changing light (that came with the carving kit--hehe).

I thought he should have done his first idea--he wanted to make it look like a baseball (using red yarn for the stitches) since it's World Series season. In my mind I added the carved words World Series or Red Sox after they won. Maybe next year.

So I finally caved and went running tonight but mostly I was hoping that some nice person would see me struggling and give me some sympathy candy--I need energy dammit! That actually did happen to my friend and I one Halloween--and we weren't even running. We were walking...around a flat neighborhood. Good times.

Hope everyone had a fun night--lots of candy and not too much traffic.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Birthday twins

Happy happy birthday to my mom and the boy and my punk brother!!! The birthday twins are my mom and the boy (crazy eh?), my brother is born a few days before. So weird, my good pal and I are also born on the same day.

Tried to trick my dad into taking us all out for dinner tonight but that didn't work out so I took the boy out to dinner...totally overate--everything was so tasty. And he got a birthday brulee, bonus! The family birthday dinner is on Friday. Food fest redeux, I can't wait!

Anyway, just wanted to wish them all an awesome day (even though it's over) and an even better year. Kisses!!!

Monday, October 24, 2005

And the winner is....

Myra! Woo-hoo, way to name that quote! I don't get tired of watching Steel Magnolias (and Shawshank Redemption, I can totally watch cable tv's back to back showings of it). The boy is oddly tolerant of it too.

Today was a short day at work, I got off early today to get my hair lopped off--hello bangs and thinner hair! Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of it before I ran into the shower. So when I'd get a haircut as a kid my mom would have me shower when I got home. I was all for it, sharp little pieces of cut hair sticking every which way out of my shirt, constantly poking, poking, poking--was enough to drive the rotten little monster that I was even more crazy. Anyway, I still run to the shower as soon as I get home from a haircut. A waste of styling money but I haven't gotten much better at tolerating the itchy bits of hair in my clothes. Not only that but hair bits stuck to my face. Bah! So it's always shower time after a haircut. I guess I could take a picture of it now except it's all wangoes.

Poor neglected blog

I'm such a bad blog mama, if this were a kid or a dog I'd be in buckets of trouble! Maybe that's why I'm not allowed pets...buggah. And for all the weeks I've been away I haven't really got anything to show for it except slightly elevated blood pressure (thanks wedding planning!) and some pieces of jewelry and knitting.

The main vendors for the wedding are booked, the only problem I had (blood pressure rising just thinking about it) was booking the stylist--at first she said she was available so I quickly sent her a deposit but a few days later she said she wouldn't be available. Mostly I was miffed (okay, more than miffed, I was like the Hulk--scary) because she didn't tell me right away but eh, I booked another gal so it's okay (blood pressure returning to normal, green color fading, raggy clothes...still raggy). One of my past times is working myself into a tizzy--it's one of the things I do really really well--especially at work.

So I did manage to squeeze my way into the fall jewelry class and here's the first piece I finished (actually it's the piece I was supposed to be working way back at the beginning of summer but I didn't have the stones). I sewed a little draw string baggie for it--sending it in a plastic baggie did not appeal to me.

The ring looks familiar, eh? Similar to this ring but with different stones. My friend's sister-in-law asked if I'd make her a similar ring with her and her daughters' birthstones. I couldn't get the actual birthstones so they're all the same stone, just different colors. Shuckies.

Back in September I spent a whole lot of time scouring the Internet for the perfect light pink yarn for a birthday scarf. Couldn't find the color/softness/thick-thinness, it's like waiting for the stars to align or something. I finally found some natural colored yarn from ArtFibers and decided to dye it using the Kool-Aid method. It was really easy, it just smelled weird (lemonade and wet alpaca/wool does not smell like roses). I wanted the yarn to be a nice even color but it turned out to be ...not even. And brighter than I wanted. I used this neat scarf pattern from Sheep in the City. It's finished, I just need to weave in the ends. The boy said he doesn't think he'd like the scarf as much if it were a solid pink, he likes the variegation. It's not for him though (heehee, pink's not his color), I hope the birthday girl likes it...when she gets it.

Looking at this whole post, "my colors are blush and bashful"..."her colors are pink and pink."* I really like pink and all but I feel the need to branch out and throw in some other colors, break up the monotony.

*First to guess the movie and I'll send you a little somethin' somethin', just 'cause :)