Monday, October 31, 2005

The winning pumpkin

Cool! We carved a pumpkin for the boy's office pumpkin carving contest and won! I didn't think we actually had a chance since we used a shhhhh....stencil. But apparently there were others who carved the pumpkin at work using stencils and...power tools! Cheaters. We can smell our own. Although we just used the stencils--we didn't have the power tools. Just those crappy little safety saws that come with the carving kit, the saw version of those kiddie safety scissors. But they did their job so I shouldn't rag on them. The boy thinks it won because of the gimmicky white pumpkin and super cool color changing light (that came with the carving kit--hehe).

I thought he should have done his first idea--he wanted to make it look like a baseball (using red yarn for the stitches) since it's World Series season. In my mind I added the carved words World Series or Red Sox after they won. Maybe next year.

So I finally caved and went running tonight but mostly I was hoping that some nice person would see me struggling and give me some sympathy candy--I need energy dammit! That actually did happen to my friend and I one Halloween--and we weren't even running. We were walking...around a flat neighborhood. Good times.

Hope everyone had a fun night--lots of candy and not too much traffic.


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