Thursday, November 03, 2005

McElligot's Pool

This is a children's book I bought at a library sale a few weeks ago--McElligot's Pool by Dr. Seuss. I'd never seen or heard of this book before but I liked the story: young kid fishing in a tiny trash pond thinking that maybe he'll catch something really neat (even though some Debbie Downer farmer tells him to give it up).

I started to read the book...

When--what the f?!--a bunch of pages were torn out of the book! Oh, you cannot believe how p.o.'ed I was--I'm still miffed!

So I guess now I'm going to have to buy another book--I need to know what's on those missing pages! I could just borrow one from the library...but I'm really into the book so I'd like my own copy. It's a good book (from what I can read of it).

On a tanget...I don't think Niecy received my package yet but here's the finished scarf from the Kool Aid dyed yarn:

It's a bit short, I should have gotten a third skein...


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